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Living Art Services

If you are looking for specialists in garden design, landscaping, pedestrian crossings, street furniture and maintenance of green areas, we offer a professional service provided by experts, in gardening and landscaping. In addition, we give total support to the client, establishing a fluid relationship both from an artistic and professional point of view.

Garden Design

Our team helps you facilitate the definition of factors such as: symmetry, well-defined design, elements…

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Irrigation System

We are aware that the irrigation system is a tool that facilitates the work, sometimes they carry high costs for…

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Urban Projects

When we talk about urban projects we mean the construction system required for an adequate…

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Vertical Gardens

We are the world leader in the design and construction of vertical gardens and green roofs. Also, thanks to…

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We take into account the golden rules for garden lighting, thus adhering to the client’s desire…

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There are a significant number of private garden owners who perform the maintenance themselves…

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2D and 3D Projects

When it is necessary to carry out works or reforms we take care of the design and planning of the whole process. We proceed…

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Sports Fields

The installation of football fields of natural and synthetic grass allows to have economical, safe facilities…

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Certified Gram

With the interest of providing our customers with the highest quality grass we have become a company with advanced…

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Our company has extensive experience in the construction of all types of paving, we are specialists in…

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Rubber Floors

Our rubber floors have greater comfort and absorption capacity, they also obtain pigmentation treatments to obtain…

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Artificial Foliage

In Living Art we want to take care of you so we have at our disposal our installation service of Artificial Foliage…

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