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Our company has extensive experience in the construction of all types of paving, we are specialists in making streets, parking lots, garages, patios, plazas, accesses, etc. . We work from the excavation of the land, placement of bases and we supply the cobblestone according to your taste, shape and color.

There are many types of pavers with different shapes. They are usually made of granite but nowadays prefabricated pieces of concrete and with a great variety of colors, models and shapes are also used.

They are usually placed on a base of sand, gravel or on a concrete layer. In addition, a series of many types and colors can be chosen for placement, with rounded, square, linear, interlaced shapes, etc.

The paving stone as a pavement has a number of very important advantages to highlight, such as its possible reuse after repositioning services such as lighting and sanitation, ( This usually happens a lot in towns and cities), it is not degraded by the effect of fats or fuels in addition to its wide expressive possibilities.

This system has been used since ancient times for its versatility, duration and low maintenance.

We also have trained personnel and the necessary machinery for the perfect placement of pavers.

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