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In Living Art we take into account the golden rules for the lighting of gardens thus adhering to understand the client’s desire, knowing this in advance reduces unforeseen and Too many revisions. Decide the effect of the proposal, practical or aesthetic? The best thing to do is to balance the safety and aesthetics of outdoor lighting. All activities to be carried out in the garden throughout the year and with the change of seasons must be taken into account.

Less is more, avoid excesses. Causing confusion in sight with many focal points. With just a couple of effects you will have more impact. A large tree, sculpture or flowerbed. Always taking into account the change that the garden undergoes with the seasons.

The shadow game.

The shadow produced by outdoor lighting is as important as the light itself.

Avoid unsightly reflection.

Position the lamps well. The light source must always give prominence to the effects it creates. You should never obfuscate the view.

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