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Rubber Floors

In Living Art we offer you a wide variety of rubber floors, and also their installation.

Our products are used in playgrounds, schools, gyms, box crossfit, nurseries, hospitals, trailers, stables, sports courts, garages, yacht clubs, parks, swimming pools, housing developments, etc.

Our different installation and machinery processes have made a difference between us and other companies because in addition to the advice and excellent quality of products, we have a highly trained staff.

Our rubber floors have greater comfort and absorption capacity, they also obtain pigmentation treatments to obtain different vibrant and striking colors. Our floors do not shear.

They are easy to install without adhesives; However, the best part of acids and chlorides provides better resistance to slipping even when wet; It is porous and permeable, it is cleaned with a damp cloth. In addition our floors have fire retardant treatment.

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