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Vertical Gardens

We are the world leader in the design and construction of vertical gardens and green roofs. In addition, thanks to our patented system that allows the creation of vertical ecosystems, we are the only company capable of offering written guarantees of the projects we carry out, guaranteeing the survival and growth of the plants used.

The system used in the construction of each vertical garden helps to maintain this type of gardens without the need for large investments in water or maintenance and withstand the different conditions and weather factors such as air, rain, etc. In addition, they contribute to significantly improve the appearance of urban architecture.

What kind of vertical garden do you need?

If you have doubts about how we develop our projects, how to select plants for each vertical garden, what type of project would be the most suitable for your needs or any other questions, we will be happy to help you and offer you all the necessary information related to vertical gardening.

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